Watch: New Deep Blue Sea 3 Clip Teases Human Vs. Shark Action

Deep Blue Sea 3

Deep Blue Sea 3, the latest installment of one the unlikeliest and sporadically continued of horror franchises, is released on VOD today and a new clip (which you can check out over at gives us some idea of what we can expect from the killer shark threequel.

Released in 1999, the first Deep Blue Sea was set in an isolated sub-aquatic research facility where mako sharks were being experimented on, their brains being enhanced as a precursor to developing a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Despite being the same kind of big budget, glorified B-movie that many late-‘90s blockbusters were, it’s retrospectively gained greater appreciation for its more inventive ideas and occasional surprising death.

Although a standalone sequel, 2018’s Deep Blue Sea 2 followed much the same concept, except the pharmaceutical research is far more ludicrous, creating intelligence enhancers to expand the human mind and prevent the technological singularity. However, the work proves equally short-sighted, and the experimentation on bull sharks to make them smarter ends up backfiring when they become aware of their creator’s plan for them and fight back against it and the puny humans holding them captive.

This third movie picks up where the second left off, with the sharks escaping into the wilds of the titular ocean and coming upon a small island where a marine biologist is researching the effects of climate change. After the arrival of the genetically engineered killing machines, she must join up with the team of redshirts sent to capture them, which is led by her ex with whom she has a turbulent past.

The clips condenses what we’ve come to expect of the series: super-intelligent sharks swimming menacingly, a helpless diver being borne down upon, and a beautiful woman in swimwear shouting authoritatively.

While Deep Blue Sea 3 is unlikely to set the world alight, there’s no reason it can’t be an entertaining thrill ride, proving once again that man will never have full dominion over the ocean.