Watch: ‘Doctor Strange 2’ ScreenX preview reveals more of Patrick Stewart


In one of those coincidences that must drive Kevin Feige mad, Patrick Stewart happened to be on the press trail promoting the latest season of Picard when the first trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness dropped, revealing his unexpected return as X-Men patriarch Charles Xavier.

While the veteran actor did spend a minute or two trying to deny his involvement, those instantly-recognizable and wonderfully sonorous tones of his saw him abandon the idea pretty quickly. Sam Raimi’s superhero sequel is expected to feature plenty of cameos, but Stewart’s return could end up leading to some significant Marvel Cinematic Universe developments in the future, especially with the merry band of mutants in line for a reboot.

Ahead of Multiverse of Madness coming to theaters in a couple of weeks, a new ScreenX promo has been revealed to tout the expanded format, and it offers a wider view of Stewart’s brief appearance in the initial trailer, with one notable element in particular set to generate plenty of fervor.

Based on the back of his head, it certainly looks as though Professor X is using a more comic-accurate hoverchair, specifically the shiny yellow version that featured in many of the character’s most popular adventures on the printed page.

We’re all set for Stewart to be revealed as the head of the MCU’s Illuminati, so it’s only fitting that his signature set of wheels would be more grandiose than we saw over at Fox, when the superpowered brain trust are expected to be revealed as having been keeping tabs on the multiverse this whole time.

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