Watch: Excellent New Trailer For Bill & Ted Face The Music Debuts

Bill & Ted Face the Music

It’s been 29 years since we last saw Bill S. Preston and Ted Theodore Logan, but now they’re back in this most excellent new trailer for Bill & Ted Face the Music. And judging by what we see here, the Wyld Stallyns have still got the goods.

In 2020, we find the now middle-aged pair attending couples therapy… as a couple of couples. It seems that despite saving the world with rock and roll, they’re still regular losers in the present, but that all changes when a messenger appears from the future. She explains that the pair have just 78 minutes to write a song that’ll save all life in the universe. That’s not much time, so out comes the time-travelling phone box and cue some (excellent) time-travellin’ adventures that head into alternate dimensions.

Fans of the franchise will surely get a kick out of seeing some old favorites return, as we get Hal Landon Jr. as Ted’s strict father, Jayma Mays and Erinn Hayes as “the babes” (now the wives) and awesomely, the return of William Sadler as Death. Also of note are Brigette Lundy-Paine and Samara Weaving as Billie and Thea, Bill and Ted’s daughters.

But the core of the film is, of course, Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter. Despite the many years since they last strapped on an air guitar, it seems they’ve picked up exactly where they left off. Though they’re both now in their fifties, the two are instantly recognizable in the roles and impressively similar to their younger selves. All things considered, everything looks great so far and this is positioned to be a truly worthy sequel to Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey, which is impressive given that it has a comparatively tiny $25 million budget.

Bill & Ted Face the Music will be released in just over a month from now (Wikipedia lists the date as September 2nd, while IMDb shows August 28th). It’s getting a small big screen release in areas where theaters are open, but will also be available on VOD.