Watch: Awesome Fan Trailer Puts Clifford The Big Red Dog In Toho’s Godzilla Universe

Clifford the big red dog

After Godzilla vs. Kong defied the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic to earn $444 million at the box office, it was inevitable that Warner Bros. and Legendary’s MonsterVerse would continue. Sure enough, director Adam Wingard was swiftly revealed to be in talks with the studio to helm the next chapter in the franchise, which may or may not be Son of Kong. However, a new fan trailer has imagined the chaos and unimaginable carnage that would ensue if Toho’s classic run of films had introduced… Clifford the Big Red Dog.

The beloved children’s favorite is getting the live-action treatment with Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip‘s Walt Becker behind the camera, and the family film is scheduled to hit theaters this September. The fan trailer decides to put an entirely different spin on the recently released first promo for Clifford the Big Red Dog, by imagining the massive canine as a nuclear abomination with the power to wreak havoc on Tokyo, a premise that sounds much more appetizing if we’re being perfectly honest.

The footage spliced together works surprisingly well, even if it is incredibly jarring to heard Godzilla’s signature roar coming out of Clifford’s mouth, but sadly the feature film rights to the literary character belong to Paramount, so the chances of seeing him throw down with the residents of the Hollow Earth are slim to none.

You’ve got to hand it to the brains behind the fan trailer, because it certainly paints Clifford the Big Red Dog in a very different and much more exciting light than what’s no doubt going to be a cloying and overly saccharine adaptation, especially when Becker’s track record as a director is hardly bursting with classics.