Watch: John Krasinski Enters The MCU In Fantastic Four Fan Trailer

Fantastic Four

We have ourselves another fan trailer for Fantastic Four today and it’s definitely worth checking out.

Marvel’s First Family has yet to be given a proper big screen treatment after a corny early ‘90s movie, two Tim Story entries that are mostly remembered for featuring a pre-Cap Chris Evans and a notoriously troubled 2015 version from Josh Trank. Now that Disney bought 20th Century Fox though, Marvel owns the rights to the characters and fans are hoping they get a definitive new vision of the story. After all, given that Captain America and Iron Man are now out of the picture (for the time being), the studio needs some recognizable Marvel characters to help fill the void.

As for casting, the most-talked about names have been real-life husband and wife John Krasinski and Emily Blunt as Reed Richards and Sue Storm, respectively. Ironically, Krasinski was actually nearly cast as Cap before Evans won the part. Blunt was also previously attached to another Marvel superhero when she very nearly became Black Widow. But due to scheduling conflicts on another project, she was forced to back out, paving the way for Scarlett Johansson.

If you’ll recall, we saw another fan trailer a couple of weeks ago with Patrick Wilson playing Richards and Blunt in the Storm part. And while Wilson is an interesting candidate, I don’t think Marvel would pass on the chance to cast a real-life husband and wife duo who have tremendous star power and chemistry.

Aside from just Krasinski and Blunt, though, this new fan trailer for Fantastic Four has Ansel Elgort as Johnny Storm/the Human Torch. Elgort knows how to play cocky, sure, but they could probably do better.

In any case, Marvel needs to get it right this time and as we wait to learn who they might cast in the reboot, at least we’ve got awesome fan trailers like this one to whet our appetites.