Watch: Marvel’s First Family Return Home In Fantastic Four Fan Trailer


With 20th Century Fox’s properties now sitting comfortably under the colossal umbrella that is The Walt Disney Company, Marvel Studios have finally gotten their hands back on a number of characters that have been absent from the MCU for far too long now – including Deadpool, the Fantastic Four and, of course, the X-Men.

All three properties will eventually be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it seems studio head Kevin Feige is in no rush to start the process. Which is to say that the script for the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot will be fine-tuned and perfected before the House of Ideas begins casting. After all, after so many failed attempts to give the heroes a solid film in the past, they have to get it right this time.

And while casting has yet to formally begin, fans have already begun to put forth their ideal picks for who should play the Four and the very talented YouTuber known as Billy Crammer has edited together another incredible fan trailer. In a rather surprising turn of events, though, this one places Patrick Wilson in the lead role of Reed Richards – an inspired but unexpected pick. Meanwhile, fan favorite Emily Blunt is Sue Storm and, well, we won’t spoil anything else. Give it a watch in the player above though as it’s a very impress piece of work from Crammer which has us pretty hyped for the eventual reboot.

Of course, there’s no telling if Wilson and Blunt will end up in the film whenever it comes to fruition, but we know that the latter was recently in talks with the studio over an unknown role. What’s more, Blunt was also up for both Black Widow and Agent Carter back in the day. As such, it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see her board the Fantastic Four reboot.

And as for Wilson? Well, as much as we enjoy him as an actor, the far more likely pick for Reed seems to be John Krasinski right now, who’s without a doubt the top choice amongst fans.  Whatever ends up happening in regards to casting, though, Kevin Feige’s already promised that Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie will be better than Fox’s, and we certainly believe that.

Source: YouTube