Watch: New Fast & Furious 9 Clip Sees Han Back In Action


It might be another two weeks before domestic audiences get the chance to see Fast & Furious 9 on the big screen, but it’s already a major hit overseas after earning over $260 million at the box office.

Cars getting blown up and launched around in gravity-defying fashion is evidently a universal language, and by all accounts, the ninth installment in the long-running blockbuster franchise has raised the levels of ridiculousness and insanity to such new heights that director Justin Lin faces a monumental effort in trying to top himself when the time comes for the two closing chapters that will draw The Fast Saga to a close.

Of course, the #JusticeForHan movement has been fully embraced by the cast and crew dating back years now, with Sung Kang finally returning to the fold after escaping certain death, and based on the latest clip from F9, he hasn’t wasted any time getting back into the thick of things with his old crew. As is always the case when you see Fast & Furious footage out of context, it’s hard to tell exactly what the hell is going on during the chase in question, but it looks suitably entertaining and reliably preposterous.

As the healthy returns of Godzilla vs. Kong have indicated, audiences around the world are clamoring for more mega budget escapism on the biggest screen possible, having been starved of explosive and effects-driven content for the better part of a year and a half. Luckily, nobody is better suited to deliver that than Dominic Toretto and the gang, virtually guaranteeing that Fast & Furious 9 will become the biggest cinematic success story since the beginning of 2020 when the dust settles and the financial numbers have been crunched.