Watch: First 10 Minutes Of Godzilla Vs. Kong Now Streaming Online


To give you an indication of just how bad the theatrical industry has been hit by the Coronavirus pandemic, the last Hollywood blockbuster to earn more money at the box office than Godzilla vs. Kong was Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which hit theaters around the world on December 20th, 2019.

Adam Wingard’s monster mash passed Bad Boys for Life‘s $426 million tally last weekend, thanks largely to a very strong showing in the rebounding Chinese market, and the numbers were even more impressive when you consider that the latest chapter in the MonsterVerse was released simultaneously on HBO Max and drew in record viewing numbers on WarnerMedia’s streaming service.

Despite all of the key creatives remaining tight-lipped on where the franchise was going following Godzilla vs. Kong, Wingard was revealed to be in talks about a return to the world of kaiju and the Hollow Earth to helm the next installment, which may or may not be Son of Kong. We probably won’t be getting further details on that for a while yet, but the epic clash of the Titans is coming to home video on June 15th, and to get the publicity train rolling, the studio have made the first ten minutes of the movie available to watch online to try and entice those who haven’t seen it.

Admittedly, the most exciting thing to happen in the first ten minutes is Kong scratching his big hairy ass, with the majority of that time being taken up by the opening credits, but it nonetheless reminds people that Godzilla vs. Kong is coming to Blu-Ray and DVD, while it’s even hanging on in the domestic box office Top 10, so there are going to be countless ways to rewatch the supersized smackdown over the next few weeks.