Watch: Final Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer Teases A Must-See Movie

Justice League

Joss Whedon’s Justice League is DCEU canon and Zack Snyder’s version of the film is not, that much we know. And Snyder has also even admitted that neither he nor Warner Bros. have any plans for a follow-up. None of that has stopped a bevy of rumors from making the rounds, though, that say a sequel is in the works.

Of course, after you account for production, marketing, advertising, etc., the studio has already funnelled about $500 million into the project, without having seen a single dollar of profit for their efforts. As such, it would take a gigantic surge in HBO Max subscribers for them to charge headfirst into making another one, especially since it’s not like the Snyder Cut will have a large line of tie-in merchandise to help recoup some extra revenue.

Indeed, spending so much on a single film only to not see any profit is bad business and at the moment, the prospect of a Justice League 2 seems unlikely. That being said, you never know what can happen if the Snyder Cut turns out to be a home run and judging by this final trailer for the film, it’s indeed looking like it’ll be exactly that.

Admittedly, there’s been a lot – and we do mean a lot – of promos for the upcoming movie already and if you’ve been keeping track of Snyder’s online activity, you’ll likely have been hit with a barrage of marketing material over the last few weeks. Still, you can’t deny that the film is looking mighty promising and we’re more than happy to get one final glimpse at it before its big debut on March 18th.

Will it live up to the hype and drive up HBO Max’s subscriber number like WB are hoping? We’ll have to wait and see, but if nothing else, it’s sure to be a whole lot better than Joss Whedon’s Justice League.