Watch: First Trailer For Jason Momoa’s New Netflix Movie Sweet Girl

Netflix is stacking their release schedule high with blockbusters this year, but even among their burgeoning library of Original Movies, Sweet Girl looks like one to watch. The upcoming action thriller stars Aquaman and Justice League star Jason Momoa as a grieving widower driven to bring those responsible for his wife’s death to justice, while also going to any lengths possible to keep his daughter Rachel safe.

The premise sounds a little generic, but then so did Taken and that spawned an excellent franchise. Whatever the case, the first trailer just dropped and it’s looking like a solid thriller that should do extremely well for the streaming giant. Plus, if the unjustly ignored Braven is anything to go by, Momoa will make this worth watching.

Sweet Girl is the directorial debut of Brian Andrew Mendoza, working from a script by Event Horizon‘s Philip Eisner, DC and Marvel comic writer Gregg Hurwitz, and The Right Stuff‘s Will Staples. Of note in the supporting cast is the MCU’s May Parker, the Oscar-winning Marisa Tomei, who always lights up the screen.

This may be a highlight in a bumper year for Momoa. The star turned heads as Aquaman in Zack Snyder’s Justice League in March, with the restored footage giving the Atlantean much more depth than he had in the awful theatrical cut. He’ll round out the year with a starring role in Denis Villeneuve’s much-anticipated Dune, playing skilled pilot and Swordmaster Duncan Idaho.

Looking ahead, the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom shoot has begun in the UK, which is scheduled for release on December 16, 2022. So, if you’re a Jason Momoa fan the future is currently looking very bright. Let us know what you thought of the trailer.

Sweet Girl will premiere on Netflix on August 20th, 2021.