Netflix Users Can’t Get Enough Of Jason Momoa’s Forgotten Action Movie


Based on his rugged good looks and the sheer size of the man, you’d imagine the whole action hero thing would come pretty easily to Jason Momoa, but the actor has a wildly inconsistent track record in the genre.

He may have headlined the highest-grossing DC Comics adaptation ever made thanks to his starring role in Aquaman, but he also took top billing in the dire Conan the Barbarian remake, which was savaged by critics and tanked at the box office. However, embracing the spirit of the 1980s in B-level actioner Braven worked a treat, and the movie has proven hugely popular on Netflix since it was added to the library a couple of weeks ago.

The 41 year-old plays Joe Braven, who retreats to his family’s isolated cabin to spend some quality time with his ailing father, but after a drug deal goes wrong, the two generations of the Braven clan end up fighting for their lives against the bad guys, which includes multiple instances of axe throwing and even setting a couple of them on fire for good measure.

Netflix subscribers can’t seem to get enough of the hugely entertaining and unashamedly cheesy film, and you can check out a handful of the reactions to the pic below.

A lot of terrible action movies tend to crack the streaming service’s Top 10 most-watched list with an almost alarming regularity, so it makes for a refreshing change when one that’s actually good manages to find a new and much larger audience. And who knows, Braven‘s popularity might even lead to calls for a sequel one day in the future? After all, there are definitely plenty of worse ideas out there than turning it into a franchise.