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Netflix Users Freaking Out Over Jason Momoa Movie That Was Just Added

Netflix recently added a forgotten Jason Momoa movie and subscribers have been flocking to it in huge numbers.


When it comes to Netflix’s Top 10 most-watched list, there are a few things that you can usually find there no matter when you take a look at the chart. The first is obviously anything involving Adam Sandler in any capacity, the second is whatever high-profile original project has been recently released by the streamer, and for some reason, the third is wholly mediocre B-tier action movies.

For instance, Bruce Willis’ recent output has brought us one stinker after another, but his films typically perform well on the streaming service when they arrive. Marauders was in the Top 10 for a while, and although viewers probably instantly regretted their decision to check out Hard Kill, it still managed to attract a lot of eyeballs on Netflix. Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson’s Skyscraper has been another big hit recently, but there’s also another actioner that’s dominating the charts right now and it’s actually not that bad.

Jason Momoa‘s Braven touched down earlier this month and sees the DCEU star play Joe Braven, who heads to his family’s remote mountain cabin to spend a bit of time with his father, only for things to go south when they cross paths with a dangerous gang of drug runners. It’s far from a spectacular film and doesn’t really break any new ground as far as action movies go, but it provides some solid entertainment and is perfectly harmless. As expected, then, Netflix users are loving it, and you can check out a sample of the reactions going around social media down below.


Braven did fairly well upon its release back in 2018 and currently has a 77% on Rotten Tomatoes, though in the years since it hit theaters, it’s been somewhat forgotten about. But now that it’s on Netflix, it’s finding a whole new audience, managing to secure a spot on the Top 10 most-watched list for almost an entire week.

Again, it’s unlikely to leave much of a lasting impression, but compared to some of the other action films that’ve been surging in popularity on the streaming site, it’s a definite step up and well worth checking out if you’re looking to kill a few hours. After all, Jason Momoa is always an entertaining screen presence and you can certainly do worse than watch him beat down some goons.

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