The Internet Is Roasting Bruce Willis’ New Movie On Netflix

Bruce Willis

Nothing will ever be able to take away Bruce Willis‘ status as an iconic action hero, based entirely on the fact that he starred in Die Hard, which is arguably the finest ever entry in the genre’s long and illustrious history. As well as appearing in a further four sequels, the rapidly receding actor also went on to feature in box office hits and cult classics like The Last Boy Scout, The Fifth Element and Armageddon to name but three.

However, the 65 year-old is apparently determined now to torpedo his reputation by lending his name to a consistent string of terrible bargain basement action thrillers that occupy the darkest depths of the VOD market, many of which are so irredeemably awful that even Nicolas Cage would probably turn them down.

Willis is certainly keeping himself busy, though, showing up in no less than fourteen such efforts in the last five years alone, with another four on the way, but Hard Kill might just be the worst of the lot. The actor’s third outing under the direction of low budget stalwart Matt Eskandari was released on digital and home video in August, before being added to the Netflix library last week and while it may have managed to crack the Top 10 most-watched list like a lot of bad movies tend to do on the world’s biggest streaming service, it hasn’t exactly gone down a storm with subscribers, as you can see below.

Unfortunately, the former A-lister’s slide into mediocrity shows no signs of arresting itself any time soon, and maybe Bruce Willis should follow the precedent set by the aforementioned Cage and sign onto the most insane projects that come his way, just to try something different for a change.