Bruce Willis’ New Movie Is Now Streaming On Netflix

Bruce Willis

When you hear that there’s a new Bruce Willis movie to watch, you probably don’t make many positive assumptions about it. But nevertheless, he remains one of Hollywood’s most prolific actors, and there’s no denying that he seems willing to keep churning out films so long as people keep flocking to them.

His newest effort has just landed on Netflix, but we’d advise viewing it at your own risk. Action thriller Hard Kill tells the story of a billionaire CEO (Willis) who hires a mercenary group to protect a deadly piece of tech. But when his daughter is kidnapped, the leader (Jesse Metcalfe) and his team must work fast to protect her and ensure that the lethal technology doesn’t result in humanity’s demise.

If you think that it all sounds a little silly, you’re not the only one. Hard Kill currently sits at an abysmal 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, proving that critics weren’t exactly kind to the film. Many referred to it as dumb, poorly acted, and clearly just a paycheck for Willis. Of course, no one really expects much from his by-the-numbers action flicks anymore, but if you like the kind of campy B-movie he’s become synonymous with in his later years, this might make for a fun weekend watch, even if only to laugh at how bad it is.

If you’d like something better to flip on, though, you can head over here to check out what other titles Netflix has added throughout November. There are plenty of things you can dive into that aren’t awful Bruce Willis movies, of course, such as Jim Carrey’s hilarious comedy Yes Man, classic heist pic Ocean’s Eleven, or intriguing political thriller V for Vendetta.