Watch: First Uncharted Trailer Teases An Epic Adventure For Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake

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Some of the big surprises Sony has been holding back for its Uncharted trailer may have already been spoiled ahead of time, thanks to the emergence of leaked footage, but suffice it to say, that the grainy, poor quality video posted yesterday holds not even a dim flame to the real deal.

Sony Pictures has just pushed the official trailer for director Ruben Fleischer’s adaptation out the door, and it’s looking mighty fine, indeed. Boasting a budget even bigger than that reserved for series creator and Sony golden boy Naughty Dog’s near-universally acclaimed video games, next year’s live-action take on gaming’s second-most famous treasure hunter (Lara Croft still has you beat, Nate, sorry) is fit to burst with set pieces aplenty. Check out the trailer yourselves above.

While many fans took issue with Tom Holland being cast as central protagonist Nathan Drake when the project was initially announced, concern quickly gave way to optimism when it was confirmed that this first installment is intended to serve as an origin story for the character. Nate’s lifelong mentor in the ways of tomb raiding, Victor “Sully” Sullivan is present in the teaser, too, again with fewer wrinkles and gray hair, played by Mark Wahlberg.

Capping off the intense sizzle reel is a direct homage to the games, where Holland is seen free-falling from an airplane. Bonus points for classy fan service, Mr. Fleischer.

Uncharted opens in theaters next year, February 18th.