Watch: Friday The 13th Fan Film Sequel Trailer


After years of stagnation in theaters due to a complicating, ongoing legal battle surrounding intellectual property rights, the fans are now taking it into their own hands to reach through depths of development hell and pull Jason Voorhees from the inferno to revive the much-beloved Friday the 13th universe in the form of the continuation of a fan film interpretation of the franchise.

As you can see in the above trailer, Here Comes the Night: Part 2 continues the tale introduced in the 2019 fan film. In fact, you can view the entire 25-minute film Here Comes the Night: Part 2 for free on YouTube right here.

The film is produced by Jason Kays and directed by Tim McCormack. It boasts some ’80s VHS camp, with generous splashes of blood and corny acting to boot.

Co-written by McCormack and Kays, the film stars McCormack, Tim Haag, Sarah K Wolf, Jason Kays, and Salina Vela.

The official franchise’s stalemate in court is still ongoing, despite the news that the franchise’s screenwriter, Victor Miller, has recently won a copyright termination appeal in court to reclaim domestic rights. Therefore, it may be some time before we see the Camp Crystal Lake killer on the screen again in an official installment until the battle between the film’s original director and its screenwriter finishes in court.

Sadly, we haven’t seen a Friday the 13th film since the 2009 reboot. Thank goodness for fans bringing us more Jason thrills in the void left by movie studios.