Watch: New Godzilla Vs. Kong Trailer Finally Reveals Mechagodzilla

Godzilla vs. Kong

The worst kept secret in the industry has finally been confirmed by the latest in a long line of Godzilla vs. Kong trailers, which ends with a tease of Mechagodzilla, something that we’ve all been expecting for a long time.

As has been the case with many major plot points from the MonsterVerse blockbuster, it was the tie-in merchandise that initially gave the game away, and with the movie scheduled to hit the big screen and HBO Max next week, there was no point in Legendary and Warner Bros. trying to keep the big reveal under wraps for any longer.

There’s no indication from the footage as to how Mechagodzilla factors into the plot of Adam Wingard’s monster mash, but based on how the majority of versus films tend to play out, the smart money is on the two title characters teaming up during the third act to battle a shared enemy, who in this case happens to be a gigantic robotic version of Godzilla with all of his strengths and none of his weaknesses.

Godzilla and Kong may have been around for a lot longer, but there’s still the chance that any showdown between the two flesh and blood kaiju and their mechanized counterpart could end up being more than a little reminiscent of the Pacific Rim series, which would admittedly be a bit fitting seeing as Legendary are behind both properties and there were once tentative plans in place to have the MonsterVerse cross over with the residents of the Shatterdome. But for now, Godzilla vs. Kong is very much its own thing, and looks set to take a huge bite out of the box office when it arrives next week.