Watch: Harley Quinn Returns In New Birds Of Prey Trailer


Right now, we imagine many DC fans are eagerly awaiting more Birds of Prey footage. Though the movie itself isn’t set to arrive until early next year, folks are excited to see what this big screen team-up involving Harley Quinn, Huntress and Black Canary brings to the table. True, there was that brief teaser from a few months back, but it didn’t really show us a whole lot.

Thankfully, then, we’ve now got a brand new trailer to feast on today, though given that it’s a leaked version and not the official release, it’s far from the best quality, and also not in English. That being said, there’s still a bunch of fresh footage to dissect and though it’s admittedly a bit difficult to get a read on Birds of Prey from what we see here, given how brief this preview is and, again, the poor quality, we’ll take what we can get.

Below, you’ll find a second, slightly longer embed of the trailer as well, in case the one above gets pulled down, and as far as we can tell after watching this promo a few times, BoP is going to be pretty different from what we’re used to seeing from the DCEU.


All things considered, we’re remaining cautiously optimistic that Birds of Prey will turn out well. While reshoots have already been ordered, that’s not necessarily a cause for concern. Even despite the fact that the studio has also brought in a new director to oversee the added material.

It’s understandable that some fans are now worrying over the possibility of another Suicide Squad or Justice League type situation, but you have to imagine Warner Bros. has learned from their mistakes and knows how much is riding on this project. And we’ll see if they manage to deliver early next year, when Birds of Prey opens on February 7th.