Watch: HBO Max releases trailer for revamped ‘Father of the Bride,’ streaming next month


Weddings can bring out things borrowed, blue, old, and new and HBO Max is set to touch on the first and the latter two with a new take on Father of the Bride they have just released a full-length trailer for online.

In the 2022 take on the 1949 novel adapted into Spencer Tracy and Steve Martin films, Andy Garcia stars as the titular character. The clip from the streaming service shows the action’s taking place in Miami and will focus on a Cuban-American family. While there are similar beats in the story audiences have seen in prior cinematic adaptations, this one has enough to stand distinctly on its own.

“We could say, ‘sorry to spoil your happiness, but we’re getting a divorce, Mazel tov,” says Garcia’s character, as the trailer indicates the parents’ marriage struggles will also be a focus of the remake.

Along the way, Garcia’s character and his family meet their future in-laws and discover they are very wealthy like in Martin’s version of the film.

“Things have been coming at my very fast, it’s time for me to embrace the future.”

In addition to the standard beats of the story and unique divergences for the story, director Gaz Alazraki has also inserted aspects of what it is like to get married in the world we live in today. Dating and relationships are different than they were in 1991 or 1949 and some of the things Garcia’s character’s daughter ends up doing surprise him and also leave him puzzled on if they are appropriate for her to do.

“You proposed? You proposed to him? He didn’t propose to you? Can you do that? Does anyone do that?”

Father of the Bride also stars Gloria Estefan, Adria Arjona and Diego Boneta. It premieres June 16.