Watch: Hugh Jackman Pays The Help To Wish Ryan Reynolds A Happy Birthday

hugh jackman ryan reynolds

The friendship between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds is the gift that keeps on giving, with the two A-list stars remaining committed to trolling each other in a public forum at every available opportunity.

As it happens, both actors celebrate their birthdays a couple of weeks apart, and they’ve each passed on congratulations in much the way you’d expect. Jackman turned 53 on the 12th of this month, which Reynolds celebrated by posting a video of himself wearing socks emblazoned with his rival’s face.

The Deadpool star hit 45 yesterday, and Jackman weighed in with a tribute of his own. As you can see below, the former Wolverine doesn’t look very happy about it, paying the crew of a photoshoot from his own pocket to make sure they took part.

It’s all very wholesome, seeing two incredibly famous and universally beloved stars rip each other any chance they get, especially when they couldn’t make it any clearer that their bromance is close to unbreakable. Maybe one day we’ll see them partner up in a movie that leans into their offscreen dynamic, but sadly it almost certainly won’t be happening as Deadpool and Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.