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Hugh Jackman Slights Ryan Reynolds While Promoting His Wife’s New Tonic; Reynolds Claps Back

It looks like a little playful beef is being cooked up between these two stars.


If you looked up “frenemies” in the dictionary, you’d undoubtedly see the relationship between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds as a prime example. That’s exactly the kind of dynamic on display in a recent video post from Jackman’s official Instagram, in which The Wolverine star praises the new drink product line of Blake Lively, Reynold’s wife, while backhandedly insulting the Deadpool star. And of course, Reynolds could not resist giving his response.

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In the post, Jackman raves about Betty Buzz, a new tonic water line created by Lively and designed as cocktail mixers. Jackman says you don’t need any alcohol to enjoy them, however, calling her new fizzy drink “absolutely delicious” and claiming his praise is not part of a paid ad.

Jackman then lauded Lively for being so wonderful of a person as to tolerate the likes of Reynolds.

Blake Lively, you are one of a kind. You are fun, you are creative, you are sunshine 7 days a week. And you’re a saint for marrying that man. Sorry, not sorry.

Hugh Jackman via Instagram

It’s only natural that two grown men best known for their portrayals of superheroes might clash with each other’s egos a bit, even if it is just in the name of harmless fun. Reynolds was quick to respond, however, replying directly in the comments of the post in a remark that implies Jackman is a washed-up has-been.

This wasn’t part of the deal when I bought this video on Cameo.

Ryan Reynolds via Instagram

We would love for the rivalry between Jackman and Reynolds to spill over onto movie screens with some kind of Wolverine and Deadpool crossover. With longstanding rumors that Hugh Jackman may yet join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, despite retiring from the character, all we can do in the meantime is sip our Betty Buzz tonics in anticipation.