Watch: Injustice Animated Movie Preview Leaks Online


Fighting games aren’t supposed to have good stories. All they need is a flimsy justification for a bunch of strange-looking characters to fight in exotic locations, maybe a nonsensical cutscene at the end and you’re done.

But Mortal Kombat developers NetherRealm Studios have put a lot of effort disproving that, with their Injustice DC Universe titles telling an extremely compelling story about an alternative world where things have gone bad. Now a featurette giving us a great look at the movie has leaked, so check it out above before it’s taken down.

On the surface it’s ‘yer typical ‘Superman-gone-bad’ tale, with the Joker pushing him over the edge into murder. This causes him to re-evaluate his moral code and, in the blink of an eye, we’re in a Superman-controlled authoritarian dystopia. Batman resolves to stop him, with various heroes and villains forming unlikely partnerships on either side.

It’s resulted in a hugely popular mini-franchise, with many fans looking forward to the rumored Injustice 3. But before that comes DC Animation’s Injustice, which will show the moment this universe forked away from standard DC fare. The featurette takes us through Superman’s one very bad day and the immediate repercussions, along with the perspectives of the creative team.

DC appears to be aiming for a ‘Civil War’ type situation (they even use the phrase), with the writers and directors revealing whether they’re ‘Team Batman’ or ‘Team Superman’. Honestly though, if you’ve played any of the games you’d have to be a bit evil to side with Superman here, as the Injustice version is one of the more despicable alt-universe takes on the Man of Steel.

We don’t have an official release date yet, but I’m betting it’ll drop on HBO Max sometime in the next two months. Let’s hope that’ll coincide with the Injustice 3 reveal.