Watch: Interstellar 2 Fan Trailer Teases An Awe-Inspiring Cosmic Journey


We’ve got ourselves another fan trailer to share with you today and while the last few have been more relevant ones showcasing upcoming movies like The Batman or Venom 2, this one’s for a sequel that we’re probably never getting.

As you can see above, YouTuber Smasher has given us a new fan trailer for Interstellar 2. The original, of course, was written and directed by Christopher Nolan and stars Matthew McConaughey as a pilot who leads a crew to space in search of a new home for all mankind.

This trailer actually borrows heavily from last year’s bonkers movie Serenity which also stars McConaughey and Anne Hathaway. In fact, I remember when the preview for that released and showed the two actors and a corn field I thought it was a promo for Interstellar 2. Unfortunately, it wasn’t, and if you thought the plot for Interstellar was ludicrous, get back to me after you’ve seen Serenity.


As fans will notice, this new fan trailer is similar to the first teaser for Interstellar, showcasing mostly footage of world events from our history. The difference is that that teaser highlighted mankind’s desire to explore and discover and this fan trailer is more about how insignificant we really are and the fragility of that as well as our history of wanting to kill each other over and over again. Not exactly uplifting stuff.

Interstellar is a pretty underrated film in my opinion and while some of the plotting and science is a bit out there and the notion of love conquering all is a little sappy, how about that Hans Zimmer score? An all-timer. And what about Matt Damon coming in halfway through and wrecking stuff? We also get a pre-stardom Timothee Chalamet as the son.

All things considered, then, there’s definitely reason to go back and check out Nolan’s space movie. It might be below The Dark Knight, Inception and Dunkirk on his filmography as far as his most accomplished efforts go, but a lesser Nolan pic is still better than most. And if you ever wanted an Interstellar 2, this fan trailer is your only hope.