You Can Now Watch The Invisible Man And The Hunt On Digital Along With The Directors

The Invisible Man

Self-isolation is critical at a time like this.

While Friday night so often signals the beginning of a 48-hour window of drinks and revelry – and all kinds of social gatherings – Coronavirus has forced people across the world to remain at home in order to curb the spread of the virus. These are strange times, indeed.

On the film front, theater chains are bracing for huge losses, while big name blockbusters in the vein of Black Widow, A Quiet Place: Part II and Bond sequel No Time to Die have all been postponed. They are, unfortunately, further away than ever, but Universal has gone in the opposite direction and brought two of its horror movies closer to home. Too close, some might say.

As of today, both The Invisible Man and The Hunt are available on streaming platforms, and considering that both directors – namely Leigh Whannell and Craig Zobel, respectively – are also adhering to self-isolating protocols, tonight they’ll be hosting special Q&As on Twitter. Think of it like a director’s commentary, powered by the Internet.

The details are as follows:

The Hunt

Producer Jason Blum (@jason_blum)
Director Craig Zobel (@craigzobel)
4:30pm PST / 7:30pm EST
Follow the hashtag #TheHuntMovieAtHome

The Invisible Man

Director Leigh Whannell (@LWhannell)
6:30 pm PST / 9:30pm EST
Follow the hashtag #TheInvisibleManAtHome

So, yes, The Invisible Man has been found, and can be, *ahem*, seen in your living room tonight if you’re up to the task. Whannell’s reinvention of the age-old classic scored highly in our review, in which we praised its clever story and damn-near-unbearable tension.

The Hunt is another entertaining thriller from Blumhouse, the studio which has quickly established itself as an arbiter for all things horror in Hollywood. Indeed, you can imagine our excitement for the upcoming reboot of The Thing, which recently found a home at Blumhouse.

As for tonight’s back-to-back Q&As, we’re excited to learn more about The Hunt and The Invisible Man from the people who created them… even if we’re a little disappointed that many movie lovers will miss out on seeing each thriller on the big screen.