Watch: Jason Momoa Shows Off Arthur Curry’s Tattoos In Aquaman 2 BTS Video


Blockbuster sequel Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has been shooting for exactly one month, but we haven’t seen any grainy snaps or blurry images of the cast just yet, a far cry from the situation surrounding fellow DCEU stablemate The Flash, which is dropping all sorts of big reveals on an almost daily basis.

Of course, it’s a lot easier to keep a project revolving around an underwater kingdom that relies heavily on green screen under wraps than something that requires a great deal of location shooting, and the amount of plot details we know about the respective comic book adaptations is also night and day.

So far, no new additions to Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom‘s cast have been made, with all of the names confirmed having starred in the first installment. Leading man Jason Momoa has now shared a new behind the scenes video, though, one that reveals he’s been back in the makeup chair getting inked up with Arthur Curry’s tattoos, which you can check out below.

It’s not the most riveting or revealing BTS video we’ve ever seen, but Momoa looks to be having fun getting back into the swing of things, and while we’ve only seen a solitary image from director James Wan, that was more than enough to get tongues wagging among those familiar with the lore.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is going by the working title of Necrus, the name of an inter-dimensional spot at the bottom of an underwater canyon deep below the Earth’s surface, which is ruled over by the tyrannical King Mongo, who refused an alliance with Atlantis in favor of declaring war. That would suit the opening chapter’s aesthetic down to a tee, although it could just as easily be a red herring.