DC Fans Are Losing It Over First Look At Batfleck’s Return In The Flash


He’s back! As The Flash movie continues its shoot in the UK, set photos and videos are keeping fans fed as they tease all the excitement that’s to come in the Scarlet Speedster’s first solo movie. We’ve already got our first glimpses at Sasha Calle’s Supergirl, Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne and not one, but two versions of Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen, and now it’s finally time for Batfleck to enter the fray.

The latest leaked images from filming, which is currently taking place in Glasgow, reveal one variant of the Dark Knight on his Bat-cycle, riding through the streets of what’s presumably Gotham City. Though Affleck himself is not currently on set, we’re pretty sure this stunt performer is standing in place for him as his Batman. Though the suit is different from previous DCEU flicks, the cut of the cowl is authentically Batfleck. It’s gotta be him.

As you’d expect, then, fans are going crazy over these photos, with Batfleck’s loyal followers losing it over both his big comeback and new threads.

*Alfred voice* Welcome back, Master Wayne.


He’s been missed.

The new costume is being criticized by some, but as one Twitter user pointed out, this is just the stunt suit and not necessarily an exact match to how it’ll appear on screen.

Previously, director Andy Muschietti has been drumming up hype by sharing the logos of the super-suits of the various heroes appearing in his movie on Instagram. We’re still waiting on a Batfleck logo post, but maybe today will be the day.

Thanks to those paparazzi photos of the actor that went viral this past weekend, we know Affleck is currently in the States with girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, but presumably he’ll be headed to Scotland soon to join the production. It’s currently unclear how much screentime he’ll actually have in the movie, but at least we now know for sure that he’ll suit up.

The Flash is set to sprint into cinemas on November 4th, 2022.

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