Watch: Joker Star Joaquin Phoenix Arrested During Climate Change Protest


Earlier this month at the Golden Globes, Joker star Joaquin Phoenix used his acceptance speech to talk about an issue that’s becoming more perilous by the second. The actor called upon his fellow celebrities to take initiative when it comes to the impending threat of climate change. He’s proven that he’s serious as well by vowing to wear the same suit to every awards show this season in an effort to reduce waste.

Now, he’s showing the world that he’s even willing to get arrested for the cause. Phoenix joined Hollywood legend Jane Fonda during her weekly Washington D.C. protest today, calling upon the federal government to enact the proposed Green New Deal before it’s too late. As is custom for these Friday protests, Fonda and her friends were eventually taken away in handcuffs and this time, Phoenix was one of the big names that was escorted away by police.

Of course, he’s just the latest star to be arrested with Fonda since she first started protesting in October. Ted Danson, Rosanna Arquette, Sally Field, Sam Waterston and more have all been taken away by the cops at least once during these weekly objections. Given the success of Joker and the actor’s recent Golden Globe win, Phoenix is arguably the most relevant celeb to join the cause thus far and due to his involvement and the mounting attention given to these protests, today’s event was one of the largest to-date.

Hopefully, this will inspire others to learn more about the dangerous effects of climate change and implore their elected officials to act on the important issue. At the very least, it’ll spread awareness about the most dangerous problem currently facing the planet.