Watch: Lionsgate unveils new trailer for ‘The Requin’ ahead of its release


Tomorrow, the highly anticipated horror-thriller The Requin makes its limited release in theaters and on streaming platforms. On Dec. 9, 2021, the first trailer dropped for Le-Van Kiet’s Jaws-inspired thrill ride. The Requin stars Alicia Silverstone and James Tupper as a tourist couple vacationing at a seaside villa in Vietnam. Silverstone and Tupper become stranded in shark-invested waters when an unanticipated storm destroys the getaway spot.

Read the official synopsis:

There’s terror in paradise when Jaelyn (Alicia Silverstone) and Kyle (James Tupper) arrive at a remote seaside villa in Vietnam for a romantic getaway. A torrential storm descends, reducing the villa to little more than a raft and sweeping the young couple out to sea. Suddenly, another danger appears: a school of great white sharks. With her injured husband watching helplessly, Jaelyn must battle the deadly predators alone in this tense thriller that rides an unrelenting wave of fear.

Lionsgate via YouTube

The Requin was originally intended to premiere in June 2021 but suffered a delay until Jan. 2022. Now, as a promotional strategy, Lionsgate has re-released the official trailer ahead of the film’s debut. In the trailer, we see Silverstone and Tupper settle in at the villa in Vietnam. Shortly after, chaos ensues and a treacherous storm washes the wooden structure out to sea. As the days pass by, the couple begins to wonder if help will ever arrive in time. However, an even bigger concern presents itself when Silverstone must battle against the elements (and deadly sharks) to protect her injured husband and survive.

As proven by cult-classic films such as Jaws and Open Water, the open ocean is a terrifying place, especially since we — as mere humans — understand very little about what lies in the depths. For some, these “ocean survival” subgenre flicks are enough to prevent another beach trip and will make any ordinary person think twice before swimming too far out.

The Requin will have a limited theatrical release, but the horror-thriller is available to pre-order on Vudu and can be rented from Jan. 28 onwards.