Watch: New Infinite Trailer Teases Mark Wahlberg’s Action-Packed Blockbuster


Paramount+ might be the newest entrant into the streaming wars having only officially rebranded from CBS All Access three months ago, but the platform is already looking to set out a stall as a major player.

As well as announcing that big titles like A Quiet Place Part II and Mission: Impossible 7 will be added to the library just 45 days after their respective big screen premieres, the service is planning to debut a new original movie every single week, while the company also acquired the long-gestating Halo series from Showtime to position the video game adaptation as one of its marquee in-house shows.


Perhaps the biggest surprise of the Paramount+ early days has been the decision to pull Mark Wahlberg and Antoine Fuqua’s sci-fi blockbuster Infinite from the theatrical schedule, and the big budget actioner is set to debut next Thursday. It’s only been a few days since the first trailer dropped, but a new promo has already arrived and offers a much more story-driven look at the film.

You can’t deny that Infinite seems like a lot of fun, with Chiwitel Ejiofor already guaranteed to walk away with the entire movie based on his gloriously over the top scenery-chewing performance as the villain, while the set pieces appear to be equal parts solid and inventive. Wahlberg playing the straight man in his own star vehicle is never the best use of his talents, but the ensemble is packed with proven names and it’s certainly promising from a purely visual point of view. It’s uncharted territory for Fuqua, who largely tends to operate in the realm of street-level action thrillers, but based on the footage, he seems to have made the jump with ease.