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Watch Mia Goth’s eerie transformation process into new horror icon Pearl

A shocking transformation from Mia Goth.

Mia Goth becomes Pearl in BTS video
Image: A24

Mia Goth has become an unlikely new face of horror thanks to Ti West’s X duology which has transformed her into one of the most menacing characters in the modern genre canon.

Initially just the very tongue-in-cheek film X in which Goth played both the youngest adult movie starlet Maxine Minx and elderly kill machine Pearl, she’s now seen a sequel/prequel following the origins of the latter in an eponymous flick. The first film was very divisive among the hardcore horror fanbase, with it deemed either brilliant or self-indulgent.

Pearl’s recent release has seen a wave of new behind-the-scenes content come out, with a deeply fascinating video displaying how the make-up and prosthetics were applied to Goth during production. In an age of moviemaking obsessed with CGI enhancements, it’s a joy to see some practically done effects.

The time-lapsed video turns her from a recgonizable face to one which you’d struggle to recognise as Goth in the slightest. As horror’s new “it” girl, she better be ready for a lot more fun with make-up artists as at least two more horror projects have been greenlit with her as the lead.

Body horror director David Cronenberg’s son Brandon will see Goth as his lead in Infinity Pool, which does not currently have a confirmed release schedule. She’s far from over in the West horror trilogy either, with MaXXXine now confirmed to be in production as it wraps up the saga.

X is currently available to rent from most streaming services, while Pearl is currently in theaters.

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