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Watch: Michael and Laurie battle for ultimate supremacy in ‘Halloween Ends’ final trailer

One last scare.

After years of grueling anticipation, the terminal chapter in David Gordon Green’s Halloween trilogy is set to arrive in a few weeks with Halloween Ends. Following in the footsteps of the horror experience’s initial teasers, the long-awaited final trailer for the concluding installment is finally here for horror hardcores to feast their eyes upon.

In the 128-second trailer, which you can watch for yourself above, franchise diehards are re-introduced to established heroine Laurie Strode who has apparently moved on from her rivalry with Michael Myers. However, just when Laurie believes that she is safe and that her issues with Michael have ended, The Shape makes a blood-curdling, triumphant return to continue his warpath against Strode.

When we last saw the franchise’s leading duo in Halloween Kills, Michael Myers was slaughtering Laurie Strode’s daughter Karen in Myers’ childhood home while Strode was in a nearby hospital recovering from her vicious encounter with Myers in Halloween (2018). As a result, the final film in Green’s trilogy promises to deliver one last showdown between Myers and Strode — who have both been prominent figures in the blood-stained franchise since John Carpenter’s 1978 original.

With the countdown on, horror fanatics have been vocal about a plethora of mixed reactions ahead of the movie’s upcoming release — especially considering the common consensus is that either Michael or Laurie will die. Nevertheless, the spine-tingling finale between these two characters will undoubtedly mark the end of a classic horror era.

Halloween Ends arrives in theaters and simultaneously on Peacock on Oct. 14.

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