Watch: Michael Keaton Returns As The Ghost With The Most In Beetlejuice 2 Fan Trailer

Tim Burton's Beetlejuice

There are few films that fit the definition of “cult favorite” better than BeetlejuiceThe 1988 horror comedy helped put stars Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder as well as director Tim Burton on the map and remains beloved all these decades later. Over the past few years, interest in the film has been renewed as the aforementioned trio have been circling a potential sequel, but that’s yet to materialize as of early 2020. It’s up to creative fan efforts, then, to imagine what Beetlejuice 2 could be like.

This fan-made trailer (found in the player above), for instance, does a stellar job of pitching how a follow-up could turn out. It teases a modern-day couple dying in a car accident, much as the Maitlands did in the original movie. Speaking of, Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin would then return to guide this young couple in the ways of the afterlife. Catherine O’Hara is also featured as Delia Deetz and last but not least, the trailer ends with a quick flash of Keaton’s Ghost with the Most. “It’s showtime,” he says. We wish.

There’ve been a lot of conflicting updates about Beetlejuice 2 over the years. Essentially, several writers have supplied various drafts but Burton, who’s very protective of the property, has yet to be impressed enough to give it the greenlight. We Got This Covered has heard that Warner Bros. is still moving forward with the project and it’s just a question of finding the right take on the material that will be enough to convince Burton that it needs to happen. Keaton – who recently worked with the filmmaker again in last year’s Dumbo definitely wants to do it, too.

Tell us, though, has this fan trailer convinced you that we need a Beetlejuice 2, or should the bio-exorcist be left dead and buried? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.