Watch: First Monster Hunter Trailer Teases A Wild Adventure

Monster Hunter

Sony Pictures’ creature feature based on Capcom’s well known Monster Hunter franchise finally has its first full-length trailer.

As revealed by IGN as part of the site’s week-long exclusive coverage, fans of the acclaimed video game series now have their best look yet at central character Captain Artemis (played by Milla Jovovich), as well as supporting cast member Tony Jaa, who will assuredly be performing a laundry list’s length of jaw-dropping stunts throughout. As previously revealed by director Paul W.S. Anderson, this adaptation introduces an all-new narrative hook in the form of multiple worlds, with Artemis and her squad hailing from our Earth.

Transported to the primordial world via a freak storm, the group is swiftly greeted by a fearsome Diablos, which shrugs off assaults from traditional military-grade weaponry as little more than minor irritants. Alongside Diablos, another iconic creature, Rathalos, is featured prominently in the teaser, though beyond that pair, and various larger than life, non-hostile wildlife, no other monsters are shown.

Chances are Anderson has opted to keep several of the film’s impressively-animated behemoths under wraps until Monster Hunter arrives in theaters, though we’re surprised, to say the least, that today’s footage doesn’t confirm the inclusion of at least one additional brute wyvern. Diablos and Rathalos have both been revealed in previous teasers, after all, and it remains to be seen just how many of Capcom’s creations will be present. For now, though, this will more than suffice.

Monster Hunter is scheduled to arrive in theaters this December, and we can only hope this doesn’t become yet another film that’s ultimately pushed back into 2021 due to COVID-19. Keep those fingers crossed, folks.