Watch: Netflix Releases First Teaser For The Christmas Chronicles 2

christmas chronicles 2

We’re still well over a month away from Halloween, a one-day event that fans are planning on celebrating for two months, but if you head down to your local stores, then there’s every chance that Christmas decorations are already on sale. Of course, the festive season always brings a new batch of movies designed to capitalize on people’s love for the holidays as well, and on that note, Netflix have now debuted the first teaser trailer for The Christmas Chronicles 2.

The first installment was hardly a classic from a technical perspective, but it did manage to capture the warm and fuzzy feelings shared by all of the typical Christmas films that viewers find themselves returning to year after year. If nothing else, it’ll surely be replayed on Netflix annually by millions of subscribers around the world, as Kurt Russell made for perhaps the most handsome big screen Santa that we’ve ever seen, embracing the role by giving it his all in a performance that made fantastic use of his natural charisma.

The Christmas Chornicles

After proving to be a huge hit for the streaming service, a sequel was inevitably announced, this time with producer Chris Columbus stepping behind the camera. Of course, a Christmas movie from the director of Home Alone is only going to increase expectations, even if marks just his second feature in a decade, but at this point, you already know if you’re going to watch The Christmas Chronicles 2 or not and no amount of promotional footage is going to change that.

For the more cynical viewers out there that aren’t big on festive cheer, though, Mel Gibson will also play Santa this year in black comedy Fatman. That one sees a child hire a hitman to kill jolly old Saint Nick after getting a lump of coal in his stocking, in what sounds like ideal counterprogramming.