Watch: Netflix Shares New Trailer For Action Thriller Red Notice


If you could pick an all-star cast for an action movie with sarcasm, humor, and wit, who would you put on the call sheet? Who would you cast in your movie if you wanted to keep the audience enthralled, laughing, and mesmerized? These were questions that had to be asked when it came to the movie Red Notice, and if a trailer for the film released earlier this month tells us anything, it’s that Netflix chose right.

The official teaser was released on September 2nd and grabbed fans’ attention right away. FBI profiler John Hartley must track down rival criminals Sarah Black and Nolan Booth, played by Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds, respectively.

Of course, the hijinks that ensue are bountiful, and by the end of the clip, audiences will no doubt have fallen in love with the characters. That is an essential part of filmmaking — making a character’s story lovable within a two-minute window. The teaser for Red Notice managed to do precisely that with this talented trio.

During Netflix’s TUDUM event, the streaming platform gave fans a closer look at the upcoming film. It’s got even more action, laughs, and charisma than we can handle! Dwayne Johnson introduced the sneak peek, shared more about his role as a profiler, and let fans know that nothing is as it seems. A hilarious fight scene is the focus of this first look, and it looks like Nolan Booth may be in for way more than he bargained for.

The event showcased some of the biggest names in television and film for the streaming service, and Red Notice is easily one of the previews that we’re most excited about. Did you fall in love with the premise of the film? Looking forward to seeing the action flick later this year?

The wait is almost over. Red Notice premieres on Netflix on November 12th.