Watch: New Lightyear Trailer Sees Buzz Go To Infinity And Beyond


While the mass-produced, plastic incarnation of Buzz Lightyear never quite managed to achieve his dream of surfing the stars, Disney Pixar has decided to finally grant an all-new version of the Space Ranger that very wish.

Lightyear, an original animated feature starring a flesh-and-bone version of Toy Story‘s co-lead, isn’t expected to blast off until next year, but to tide you over until then, the Mouse House has released an all-new trailer. As previously revealed, longtime Buzz voice actor Tim Allen won’t be returning for this new adventure. Instead, Chris Evans will be bringing the character to life. Check out today’s new footage for yourselves above.


So, how exactly does this have any connection to Pixar’s acclaimed franchise documenting the trials and tribulations of living toys? Well, it’s quite simple, actually. The fellow you see above is the man who would ultimately inspire his toy counterpart’s creation and, in turn, one of the most popular action figures ever manufactured (sorry, Sheriff Woody).

The minute and a half trailer gives a glimpse of the animation at work for what could be a major summer blockbuster, and is soundtracked to a remix of David Bowie’s “Starman.” It also hints at the “To infinity … and beyond” catch-phrase that helped make Buzz Lightyear so iconic.

Lightyear opens in theaters on June 17, 2022. Should this venture prove successful, and let’s be real, it’s pretty much a shoo-in for box office success, perhaps we’ll get a dedicated Woody flick down the road. A fan can dream. Stay tuned for more details.