Watch: First Footage From Ryan Reynolds And Dwayne Johnson’s New Netflix Movie


It costs an awful lot of money to get ahead in Hollywood, but Netflix have been reaping the rewards of their massive investment in content. Clearly the leader in the streaming wars and boasting a lineup of originals that features some of the most acclaimed shows on television and several serious awards season contenders, the big budget blockbuster is the final frontier left to conquer.

Extraction, The Old Guard and Project Power may have each cracked the all-time Top 10 most-watched list, but they all cost less than half as much to produce as Rawson Marshall Thurber’s Red Notice. The Skyscraper director reunites with leading man Dwayne Johnson for Netflix’s costliest original movie ever, one that boasts three of the biggest stars on the planet.

Johnson’s elite Interpol agent looks to track down Ryan Reynolds’ infamous conman and Gal Gadot’s most wanted art thief, and those names alone are more than enough to guarantee massive viewership numbers. Of course, the sort of globetrotting and explosive action that’ll be on display certainly helps, and you can now get your first look at Red Notice via some footage in the video up above (at around the 1:55 mark), which previews Netflix’s 2021 original film slate.

Having stumped up at least $150 million to fund the project and paid top dollar for three of the most expensive talents in the industry, the pic is shaping up to be an old school high concept blockbuster that refuses to take itself too seriously, something that not a lot of studios will take a risk on these days in an era where the franchise is king. And just from the brief amount of footage we see here, it already looks to be a fun ride.

At the very least, it should be vastly superior to Michael Bay’s mindless 6 Underground, which originally set the benchmark as Netflix‘s most expensive and most-watched action epic. Red Notice, though, will likely blow it out of the water.

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