Watch: Everybody Runs In New Trailer For A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II

Incredibly, it’s been almost seventeen months since the first trailer for A Quiet Place Part II was unleashed, and we’ve still got another three weeks to go until the hotly-anticipated sequel finally arrives. The movie even held its world premiere last March in New York City before the Coronavirus pandemic came along, but hopefully there are no more surprises in store apart from the ones that unfold on screen. And it certainly looks like there will be plenty of those if this new promo is any indication.

Of course, horror sequels are notoriously difficult to pull off, and many of them devolve into relying on jump scares and gimmicks, but expectations are high for John Krasinski’s follow-up. A Quiet Place was one of the most unique theatrical experiences in recent memory, with the reliance on sound reducing multiplexes all over the world to deathly silence, where crowds barely even dared to crunch popcorn or slurp soda for fear of ruining the immersion.

It worked a treat, and the film rode a wave of critical acclaim to a box office haul of over $340 million on a $20 million budget. Naturally, the second installment widens the scope and takes the central Abbott family deeper into a more dangerous world, where they’ll discover that the monsters who hunt by sound aren’t the only terrors they need to deal with.

Business is slowly but surely starting to pick up after a barren twelve months for the industry, and A Quiet Place Part II is ideally suited to draw in packed houses given the communal thrill of being scared right out of your seat. Paramount are leaving it awfully late in the day to ramp up the marketing blitz with this new trailer, but the movie hits the studio’s streaming service just six weeks after it premieres on the 28th of this month, so it’ll find an audience one way or the other.