Watch: Ryan Reynolds Gets Roasted By ‘Evil Twin’ Gordon


Ryan Reynolds has three brothers, none of whom are called Gordon, but that hasn’t stopped the fictional twin from becoming a massively popular part of the actor’s unique approach to marketing. It all began back in 2016 when Ryan had Gordon interview him for GQ, before the duo reunited once again to talk about Deadpool 2.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the malevolent Gordon, but he’s now come back with a vengeance to mercilessly troll his doppelganger for starring in a succession of body swap movies. If there’s one star in Hollywood that knows how to poke fun at themselves while shilling their own business empire at the same time it’s Ryan Reynolds, and the latest interview between the twins is a hilarious way to announce that Maximum Effort is merging with fellow ad company MNTN to deliver a new service for running ads on smart TVs.

You have to admit that Gordon makes a very good point, looking back at Ryan’s filmography. He’s appeared in a surprisingly high volume of titles that involve him either assuming the body or transferring his consciousness to somebody else, and it’s the sort of thing that not a lot of folks would have even picked up on had he not brought it up himself.

Boltneck is a particularly deep cut, with the Frankenstein riff being shot all the way back in 1998. From there, though, Ryan Reynolds has since switched bodies with other people in at least some fashion across Self/less, The Change Up, Detective Pikachu, Criminal, R.I.P.D. and The Voices. With seven entries in the very specific subgenre under his belt already, you can’t really say that Gordon is wrong when he blasts his twin as the king of the body swap film.