Watch: Ryan Reynolds Sends Heartfelt Message To Young Fan Battling Cancer

Ryan reynolds

You can generally count on Ryan Reynolds’ sense of humor and kind heart to bring some light into the darkness, and his efforts to use his money and fame to make life slightly less miserable is something to be admired and which more of the planet’s celebrities would do well to emulate.

Indeed, whether it’s donating generously to various charities or keeping us all entertained and smiling thanks to his ongoing online feud with eternal enemy Hugh Jackman, the actor is one of the most likeable and seemingly good natured talents in Hollywood. And now, he’s used his star power to make one fan in particular very happy.

Brody Dery is an 11 year old with stage 3B Hodgkins Lymphoma and Crohn’s disease. He also happens to love Deadpool, and Reynolds sent him a message this week offering some support and encouragement, as you can see below:

If nothing else, this latest act of kindness from the actor just shows us yet again that he’s truly one of the nicest celebrities out there, often willing to go out of his way to put a smile on people’s faces and do what he can to make the world a bit of a better place. Especially during these difficult times.

As for his work on the big screen, though, well, Ryan Reynolds currently has a whole number of projects in various stages of development. Of course, it may be a while before we see Deadpool 3, but in the meantime, the actor’s sure to keep his fans entertained with efforts such as The Adam ProjectFree GuyRed NoticeEveryday Parenting Tips and many more. In short, there’ll be a lot of the Canadian star on our screens over the next few years, and that can only be a good thing.