Watch: ‘Scream’ star Drew Barrymore gets a call from Ghostface

Image via Woods Entertainment

This week marks the release of Scream, the fifth entry in the legendary horror franchise that’s returning to our screens for the first time in over a decade, which also comes hot on the heels of the original’s 25th anniversary.

Famously, the whole saga began with the death of Casey Becker, as played by Drew Barrymore, at the hands of masked movie trivia-obsessed maniac Ghostface. Now over a quarter a century later, Ghostface has called Barrymore again.

To promote 2022’s Scream, this week’s edition of The Drew Barrymore Show is playing host to a cast reunion for the stars of the original film, with the actress-turned-talk show presenter joined by Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette. In this new promo for the episode, the unmistakable voice of Roger L. Jackson gives Barrymore a ring. “Hello, Drew…”

This promo follows on from a similar skit Barrymore featured on her show last year to tie into Scream‘s 25th birthday. In that case, the star reprised her role as Casey, complete with blonde bob wig, in a sketch which imagined Ghostface phoning Casey in the 2020s, with the humor based around the fact that it would pretty easy to block the killer’s unwanted calls on a modern cellphone.

The new Scream movie will actually be addressing how technology has advanced since the first film, albeit in a terrifying way. The trailers have revealed that Ghostface will hack into the app-controlled home security system of Jenna Ortega’s character in order to break into her house, proving the iconic villain has still got some fresh tricks up his sleeve.

Don’t miss Scream, which comes from directors Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, when it opens in theaters from this Friday, January 13.