Watch: Shark Island Trailer Promises Trashy Creature Feature Fun

Shark Island

One of the few benefits of COVID-19 is that being stuck indoors means I’m at substantially less risk of shark attacks. But someday soon, the restrictions on travel will be lifted and we can all head back to those perfect sands and glittering oceans where our sharp-toothed, big-finned underwater buddies are waiting for a long-delayed human buffet. In the meantime, Victory of the People and Blue Falcon Productions are serving up an extremely trashy looking B-movie sharkstravaganza in Shark Island.

The first trailer recently dropped and can be seen above, setting up a story about bikini-clad models and low level gangsters making the journey to the titular Shark Island. This is apparently “where all sharks come from,” so obviously it’s the ideal place to photograph girls doing yoga on surfboards. But there’s a twist. You see, giving the aquatic predators a run for their money are ruthless criminals who seem intent on stealing a $10M necklace. As the tagline teases: “The deadliest sharks aren’t even in the water.”

Shark Island seems unlikely to enter the pantheon of all-time great shark movies. It’s definitely not a Jaws, and isn’t even a Meg or Deep Blue Sea. Judging by the trailer, the acting is all over the shop, the sharks are realized through stock footage, and the script could use some work. But hey, it’s a shark movie and as long as they serve up attractive people, tropical scenery and buckets of blood, it’s mission accomplished as far as I’m concerned.

We don’t know exactly when Shark Island is being released, but these films are usually land over the summer, so expect a date soon. It might be too much to hope that we’ll be able to actually hit the beach in 2021, but either way, the more goofy, escapist creature features like this the better.