Watch: Spidey Swings By In Awesome Venom 2 Fan Trailer

Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage

Venom 2, or Venom: Let There Be Carnage as it’s now been titled, has suffered a substantial delay due to the coronavirus pandemic. But then again, what hasn’t?

The sequel was supposed to be with us this October, but despite the shoot wrapping before the global lockdowns began, it’ll now hit cinemas on June 25th, 2021. Clearly, then, we’ve still got a while before we can see Venom going toe-to-toe with Carnage. And with no trailer in sight yet, who knows when we’ll get our first tease of the pic?

Fortunately, fan trailer creator Billy Crammer has stepped up to deliver an exciting home-made promo which brings to life what Venom 2 really should be. As you can see up above, it not only teases Carnage throwing down with Venom, but Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is added into the mix as well. All things considered, it’s a nice little appetizer for what should be one of 2021’s biggest releases.

Of course, Let There Be Carnage will be a hugely important film for Sony, as it’ll no doubt plant even more seeds for their own Marvel universe that’s slowly but surely being built alongside the MCU. It’s still unclear exactly how much crossover there’ll be between the two, but if that first Morbius trailer was any indication of what’s to come, there should be quite a bit.

Whether or not Tom Holland’s fan favorite hero will show up in Venom 2 is also something we’re left to wonder about, but recent reports have pointed to him at least having a cameo. And frankly, at this point, we’d be surprised if there’s no sign of him in the film. We’ll likely have to wait until June, however, to know for sure.