Watch: Spiral: From The Book Of Saw’s Grisly Opening Scene Revealed

Spiral: From the Book of Saw

The opening torture scene of Spiral: From The Book of Saw has been revealed ahead of the horror relaunch’s arrival in theaters this Friday.

Lionsgate has really been trying to market this movie to a wider audience than previous sequels in the franchise. As the unusual title and the high profile leads – Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson – suggest, Spiral is being pitched as a different kind of experience from its predecessors.

Hardcore fans don’t need to worry, however, as it’s still going to be recognizably a Saw movie, as this new clip makes plain. In fact, the sneak peek is as classic Saw as you can get. A mouthy detective is lured into a trap by a Jigsaw copycat, complete with iconic pig mask. He then awakes to find himself hung in place above a railway by his tongue. The choice is simple: jump away, ripping his tongue out in the process, or die. See what happens next by watching the clip.

Yup, the detective ultimately decides to sacrifice his tongue, but he’s too late and he ends up all over the train’s windscreen. All in all, it’s a gripping, tense sequence and teases a promising film. For a lot of folks, this might be the first horror movie they’ll see on the big screen in over a year, and it’s exactly the sort of edge-of-your-seat entertainment that works best in the theater environment.

The clip also reminds us that, despite the shiny new coat of paint it’s getting, Spiral is coming from longtime veterans of the franchise. Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw III-IV), it’s scripted by Jigsaw‘s Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger. Rock stars as brash detective Zeke Banks who, along with his rookie partner (Max Minghella), takes charge of a grisly investigation into a series of murders that echo crimes from the gruesome past.

Don’t miss Spiral: From The Book of Saw when it hits cinemas on May 14th.