Watch: The Suicide Squad Trailer Shows What Creative Freedom Looks Like

The Suicide Squad

Nine times out of ten, fans would blast the idea of rebooting a major property after only one movie, but a unique set of circumstances have conspired to make The Suicide Squad one of the most exciting and hotly-anticipated comic book blockbusters on the horizon.

David Ayer’s attempt was blighted by studio interference, with the version that hit theaters completely unrecognizable from what the filmmaker had in mind when he first called action on the project. On the other side of town at Marvel Studios, James Gunn had more than proven himself capable of taking a dysfunctional group of superheroes and making them the stars of acclaimed ensemble pieces.

After initially being fired from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 after some unsavory tweets from a decade ago resurfaced, Gunn jumped over to Warner Bros. and signed on for The Suicide Squad, which felt like an ideal match for his talents. And now, a brand new trailer has dropped for the pic and it looks like the DCEU is onto a winner.

Gunn revealed he was given complete creative freedom for The Suicide Squad, something his predecessor could only dream of, and it would be an understatement to say he’s made the most of it. The second attempt at launching a franchise for the titular team looks better in every conceivable way, from the writing and production design right down to the action sequences and the tone of the movie itself.

In more certain times, The Suicide Squad would be destined for mammoth box office success, but it’ll now be appointment viewing on HBO Max as well as the big screen when it arrives simultaneously in theaters and on streaming on August 6th.