Watch: I Know What You Did Last Summer Trailer Teases Amazon’s Reboot


If you ask 90s horror fans to name some of their favorite slasher films of the decade, chances are, I Know What You Did Last Summer would make the list (next to Scream, of course) almost every single time. The movie focused on a group of friends who killed a man and are plagued with a series of murderously terrifying events.

One by one, the group of friends are picked off until they’re begging to let their secret out, by then, it’s too late and nothing is ever the same again.

Amazon Prime Video is making a TV revival of the film and the teaser trailer was released for it today. A lot like the premise for the film, the tragic events that follow a graduation party are the reason for the secrets of this town, and its main players, to start spilling over.

A few images revealed by Deadline today show some of the turmoil the friends are feeling a year after the tragedy and the weight of the secret they kept.

Starring Brooke Bloom, Madison Iseman, Ashley Moore, Bill Heck, Brianne Tju, Fiona Rene, Ezekiel Goodman, Sebastian Amoruso, and Cassie Beck; the series is full of young star power.

I Know What You Did Last Summer premieres on October 15th on Amazon Prime.