Watch: ‘The Batman’ promo unveils new Gotham footage with cast commentary


An exclusive new promo spot for The Batman, courtesy of Little Caesars Pizza, offers a fresh look at this new version of Gotham City.

Warner Bros. has seriously outdone itself in terms of marketing for the upcoming appearance of the new Caped Crusader on the big screens. I mean, we’d already expected the company to loosen its purse strings given all the hype surrounding the film, but you know things are pretty serious when even your favorite pizza chain is promoting Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

This latest promo clip features new footage that once again highlights the tonal shift and unique aesthetics of Reeves’ Gotham. The film’s main cast also breaks down what makes this a different Batman story from all those films that came before it. Pattinson said.

“This is, by far, the most major adversary he’s come across, the Riddler seems to know secrets about Batman that even Bruce didn’t know.”

Jeffrey Wright, who portrays James Gordon, also discussed Paul Dano’s villain and the new portrayal of Gotham:

“It’s Gotham in a way that I haven’t seen before. Gordon reaches out to Batman, I think, out of a level of desperation. We have a villain in the Riddler who’s all about clues,”

Last but not least, Zoë Kravitz offered her take on the dynamic between her character and Bruce Wayne.

“Catwoman meets Batman who’s looking for a serial killer in Gotham, they’re both people who fight for what they believe in. They aren’t afraid to die for what they believe in.”

The Batman is grappling to theaters on March 4.