Watch: This Twisted Netflix Horror Trailer Just Leaked Ahead Of Time


With Halloween spooky season in full swing, Netflix is leaning into horror content right now. One movie they’ve decided to start hyping up is The Splattering from director Scot Cavendish. Netflix dropped a post for it, revealing that a trailer would be out on Thursday.

However, there must have been a mistake along the way, as the trailer has already leaked online for viewers to watch. An official link for the trailer went live this afternoon, then was quietly pulled. That didn’t stop YouTubers from finding the clip and uploading it, leaving the streaming giant with a slight social media faux pas for the day.

For those who don’t know, Scot Cavendish is the name of the main character in Netflix’s Locke & Key. Guess what the character does in that show? He’s an avid filmmaker. There doesn’t appear to be a real filmmaker of the name Scot Cavendish. The trailer for The Splattering shows a campy horror film about a lobsterman killing people in a small town in gory fashion. Definitely doesn’t look like the most serious film ever made.

It’s possible that this isn’t a real film and it’s just a way to market the upcoming second season for Locke & Key. If so, this is a fun marketing trick by Netflix. Until the trailer is officially released, it’s hard to know for sure.