Watch: Tom Hardy Jokes That Nobody’s Interested In Spider-Man/Venom Crossver

venom mcu

Tom Hardy has gained a reputation for posting images of Venom and Spider-Man together on his social media accounts before quickly deleting them, knowing full well that it’ll generate a ton of speculation in the aftermath.

The actor has been very open in making it known that he’d love to share the screen with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, and with Sony co-producing the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s web-slinging blockbusters and building a shared superhero universe of its own that’s got Spidey’s name right there in the title, it would be an understatement to say the odds are looking real good.

That doesn’t mean that Hardy can’t have a little fun when fielding questions about it, though, after joking in an interview with MTV News that he can’t imagine why anybody would be interested in a Spider-Man/Venom crossover, which you can check out below.

Hardy knows it’s happening, Let There Be Carnage director Andy Serkis admitted it’s going down eventually, and the fans are convinced it’s coming sooner rather than later, so there’s really no need for the leading man, star and producer of the Venom franchise to even pretend he’s not got at least one eye firmly locked on Spider-Man when we all know that’s the direction in which the dominoes have already started to fall.