Watch: Tom Holland and Zendaya talk Peter and MJ’s relationship in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

Sure, fans are most excited to see all the multiversal madness that’s about to unfold in Spider-Man: No Way Home, but don’t forget that it will also be continuing the teen movie vibe of the previous entries in the Homecoming trilogy and focus on Peter Parker’s love life, too. From the trailer, we’ve gathered that, amongst everything going wrong with his life in the new film, Peter will at least have his close relationship with girlfriend MJ to fall back on.

In this new video from Marvel Entertainment, stars Tom Holland and Zendaya preview where Peter and MJ are at as a couple in No Way Home. After Michelle hid her feelings for the webhead in Homecoming, the pair became an item in Far From Home when MJ discovered Peter’s secret. Having been going out for a while by NWH, their romance will be more mature and solidified in the threequel. See what Holland and Zendaya had to say via the tweet below:

When asked to sum up where each other’s character is at the beginning of the movie, Zendaya recapped Peter’s situation post-Far From Home, resulting in some teasing from her co-star and IRL partner along the way. Holland then explained how MJ has changed since her earlier appearances:

“MJ is falling head over heels in love with Peter. Not lying, that’s true, that’s true!” Holland said, after Zendaya laughed. “She’s coming out of her shell, she’s feeling more confident, she’s falling in love. She has found this person that she can trust and express herself with. [And as soon as she does] their lives are flipped upside down.”

Seeing as Peter and MJ are in a good place personally in this one, fans are worried for MJ’s safety as they fear some variation on the death of Gwen Stacy could be about to happen. MJ falls from a great height in the trailers, which is never a good sign for a Spidey love interest. That said, would Marvel really let go of a major star like Zendaya, especially when a new trilogy starring Holland is on the table?

It’s hard to predict exactly where this movie is going to go. But the good news is we’ll find out soon enough as Spider-Man: No Way Home hits US theaters this Friday.